A Message from the ITHF President Sheila Hart

Sheila Hart - ITHF President 2017-2019

Welcome to the International Travel and Hosting Fellowship for Rotary year 2018-19. This is the 30th year of operation for ITHF.

As an ITF member, you have access to the Directory of Members that lists over 1069 ITHF members worldwide. This Directory will be updated quarterly. Once you have found members that you would like to communicate with, you can go to the Member Profile to find out more information about the member and where they live. It is important that all ITHF members spend some time updating their profile. This is just the start of planning for amazing ITHF adventures; organize home stay visits; organize short visit such as a shared meal, a tour of a city, or a shared adventure whether it be exploring a culture, cycling, ball room dancing or geo-caching. Hosts local, District-wide and around the world are waiting for you to contact them to make arrangements. Make the first move to create a wonderful adventure.

ITHF wants to hear from you about your adventures. Please submit short articles and a picture about your ITHF adventures for publication in the ITHF Connections newsletter which is published quarterly. If your article is published, you will receive a free year of membership in ITHF. If you enjoy Facebook, submit a photo and caption for uploading at ITHF - International Travel and Hosting Fellowship  . ITHF hopes that you will volunteer to promote ITHF, such as organizing an event in your area or District so that members can meet. We will need volunteers to serve in the ITHF "buth" in the House of Friendship at the RI Convention.

In 2019, the Rotary International Convention will be held in Hamburg, Germany. ITHF has arranged two tours to be held in conjunction with this event. The Golden Ring of Russia + Two Capitals begins May 19, 2019 in Moscow and will visit several provincial cities before culminating with all the wonders of St. Petersburg. The Highlights of Germany Tour departs June 6, 2019 from Hamburg and visits Bremen, Hamelin, Berlin, Potsdam, Meissen, Dresden, Munich, Dachau, Berchtesgaden, and Salzburg, Austria. You won't want to miss this wonder-filled tour of German history, art, and folklore!

I look forward to meeting you in Hamburg at the ITHF “Buth”, the ITHF Annual Meeting and Breakfast or another ITHF related event.

Yours in fellowship,

Sheila Hart, President 2017-19

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