Two Connections

Madu Bishnu - Calcutta, India

Madu and TanviIn early May, when I attended the Rotary South Asia Summit at Hyderabad I was hosted by  RAJESH & TANVI PAMNANI .  Although Rajesh was away from Hyderabad on a business  tour, I was very well taken care of by his wife Tanvi.

Teresa and MaduAfter the  Lisbon RI Convention, I was hosted by new ITHF member  TERESA GARCIA SANCHEZ at her home in Madrid. I enjoyed  attending a Latino Continental Jazz program with her. I thank  both Tanvi and Teresa for their excellent hospitality.

New Friends and New Rotary Projects

Vivian Findlay & Clyde Boyer - Homer, Alaska

Vivian, Laura, Carlos & ClydeWe have been ITHF members for a long time.   Now we are in Guatemala, and we contacted  CARLOS & LAURA GALVEZ in Guatemala City to  see if they would be willing to host us for 2  nights. We also wanted support from Carlos'  Rotary Club of Guatemala City East for a coffee  project we are doing with Alaskan Rotary clubs  for the indigenous Mayan Ixil people from the  mountains of the Quiche area. These people are extremely poor, and produce the most  wonderful single source, organic, rain forest grown coffee. We hope to receive a TRF grant to provide some coffee processing equipment which will enable the  farm cooperative to retain more of its profits to benefit the farmers
and their families.

The Power of Partnerships

Pat Graf & Givonna DeBruinThe Rotary District 5060 Conference was held in Kamloops, BC, Canada, May 2-5. District 5060  is an international Rotary District that includes central British Columbia, Canada, and central  Washington State, USA. Running through the Okanagan fruit and wine-producing areas of the  two countries, it covers a total distance of almost 900 kilometres or 600 miles.

There are 22 ITHF members in District 5060. Thanks to the  enthusiasm and efforts of GIVONNA DEBRUIN, of Vernon,  BC, Canada, about ten of those members who were  attending the conference gathered on Saturday afternoon  for a short visit and discussion. Conference Chair SHERRY  CHAMBERLAIN, a Kamloops ITHF member, arranged a  meeting place and included the information on the  conference agenda. As a result, a few non-ITHF members  also arrived to find out more about the fellowship.

Al & Bella Ancheta
Quezon City, Philippines

On December 9, 2012, I received an email from Jorgen Jensen of Copenhagen, Denmark, advising me of a forthcoming visit with his wife Birte Jexen to the Philippines. They had a couple of days in the Manila area at New Year’s before proceeding to Palawan, one of the tourist destinations in the Philippines. I enthusiastically responded that I would be most happy to welcome them to my country, the Philippines.

ITHF Hospitality in the PhilippinesA slight complication arose in that on the day before their arrival on December 29 I had to be in Tagaytay City for an urgent meeting on the 30th. Hence, I was not in Manila when they arrived. Tagaytay is about 1 1⁄2 hours drive from Manila, where we have a small family vacation home. The next best thing I could do was to book Jorgen and Birte for 2 nights into a Manilla hotel.

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